For over a year quarantine has affected the daily lives of both parents and children. One particular issue that has become apparent is the closure of schools and the disruption to your child’s education. With summer coming and children being bored with nothing to do, it could be highly beneficial to provide your child with some vital teaching online. There are many great ways for your child to learn online in a fun and engaging way that takes away, here are a few examples:

Virtual Learning Platforms: There are a number of virtual learning platforms that can be used by teachers, children and parents in order to maintain regular classes that would have been set in a classroom setting if under normal circumstances with of course some additional benefits. Platforms like Bloomz, Buncee and Class Dojo offer vital communication tools, allowing us to create online lessons and keep track of the child’s learning process. While platforms such as Ed Puzzle and Edulastic provide the tools to create engaging and interactive online lessons. These clear benefits can create a clear structure and learning path for children and further maximise the learning experience as it encourages parents to be involved in the process. 

Video Calls: Another great way for your child to learn is by creating a virtual classroom space using video calling software. There are many options available including Skype, Zoom and GoToConnect that can be used in a controlled classroom setting. The imoo Watch Phone Z6 also includes a group video call and voice call option. By creating a clear path to communication, it makes keeping a close connection between your child and their child during their study period and ensuring that your child gets the support they need when they are having trouble understanding something.

Online Media: There are a vast amount of sources for self learning online for all ages in almost every subject. There are many websites that include videos for teaching curriculum subjects like literacy and maths at all stages and all ages in an easy to consume way that encourages more learning in an enjoyable way. There are also many options for audio books that can be listened to in a similar way if videos are too visually stimulating for the child’s learning. These sources are very easy to find, are very accessible and have so many options available that there are some things that fit everyone’s individual needs.

How To Prepare For Online Learning Trends

With traditional methods of teaching in a classroom being restricted over the last year, this has led to us all thinking about if an idea like Online Learning potentially taking a more prominent role in our child’s education. With this in mind we may need to reflect on the possibility of this being a future trend and how we can prepare for it while we can fully maximise all the tools for Online Learning at our disposal. Here are a list on potential things that we can do:

Follow A Regular Schedule: A typical classroom environment follows a regular schedule as this helps to maintain a structure and make the most of learning time in an effective way. This of each platform as it’s on class only done online and not at school.

Maintain Contact With The Teacher: Even though your child and their teacher are not able to interact with each other in person at this moment in time, it is always a good idea to maintain contact with them while away from school. Keeping regular contact can help with guidance on the subjects the child should be learning, how much they have progress and what additional support they can give on a digital platform.

Final Thoughts

With a global pandemic taking place, it may have brought to discussion the way we consider teaching children in the future, leading to a new set of trends that come with it. It is always important we keep up to date with the latest trends so be sure that you are well prepared for our children to have the most enriched learning experiences during their vital study time. The imoo Ear-care Headset could be a great device to use for studying thanks to it’s Exclusive Soundbeaming Speakers and recommended audio level for children that maxes out at 85dBs, the perfect headset for children to use during their online studies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximise your child’s studies today with their online learning during their critical development stages in their lives.


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