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Unrestricted internet has a lot of things that should not be viewed by children that can make the internet a scary place. It is natural for parents to worry about what their children are exposed to on the internet, I for one have the first-hand experience of this. Here is a story about what my child showed me while they were browsing the internet.

My Story

To start off the story we can explain why my child was on the internet. They had a school assignment to research pond life and the ecosystem on how creatures live in the water. I thought it would be a great idea to watch a few nature documentaries for children online for my child to view.

After this it was encouraged to research more by searching on some websites and to do a fun quiz to see what they have learned. I had to take an important phone call so it was during this time I let my child browse the internet and left him alone for about 30 minutes.

After I returned he was asking me what website he was directed to so when I checked the computer I was surprised to see that they had entered an adult website. I asked how they had managed to enter this site and they responded that they clicked some image on the side of the webpage they were viewing, this turned out to be an ad.

How Did This Happen?

Turns out ads like this are very common across many popular websites. These ads are made to direct people towards a website and are specifically made to lure people in. Most of these ads are harmless as they specifically target people who might be interested. This however is not always the case and it is very difficult to determine which ads direct you towards inappropriate websites.

What Were My Actions After This Incident?

The first thing I did was report the ad as inappropriate. This was to prevent it from showing up on my browser again. I then began to block certain websites from showing up on the web browser.

I then decided to limit my child's use of unsupervised internet usage. This was to prevent a similar thing or something worse from happening again. I of course understand the importance of the internet to my child for educational purposes and to keep in touch with friends, so as a compromise I offered my child a imoo Watch Phone Z6. This was so they were able to have some restricted access online even without my supervision.


It is always a good idea to make sure that your child is restricted from seeing unsuitable things for them. There are many ways to prevent your child from viewing these things. One solution I have discovered is getting an imoo Watch Phone Z6 because of its moderation features and restrictions. My child is now protected against being contacted by strangers and being exposed to unsuitable content.


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