Back to school season is coming to a close again, but it's never too late to pick up some last-minute school gifts for “your little student” while they are fresh and energetic from the holidays. These are some of the latest equipment and gadgets that are perfect for our young ones to share with their friends when going back to school: 

Traveling To School

No need to worry about your child traveling to school by themselves. Over at imoo we specially create imoo Watch Phone Z6 and Z1. Both of these are great options to have depending on your budget and include many useful features. Both models include Real-time Locating that allows you to check the accurate location of your child second by second during their journey off to school. Also, they are both equipped with e Class Mode that enables them to act as regular watches, only allowing them to check the time to avoid unwanted distractions during classes.


Carrying Belongings

Carrying equipment around school is a normal part of school life, so it makes sense to get your child a backpack to keep their personal belongings safe and easy to access. They are an essential part of the school day and a great way to show off the latest fashion, trends, and interests in their class.

Storing Stationary

Looking to keep all school stationery neat and tidy, ready to use for class? A pencil case,able to store various different pieces of stationary across multiple compartments and internal mesh pockets, can perfectly satisfy your need. In addition, it's durable and sturdy, with many colors for your child's choice.

Reading Books

Sometimes it can be difficult for children to stay on track with their reading. That’s why we recommend a bookmark for reading stories and textbooks. A bookmark can be used to guide your child line by line with reading as well as being used to keep track of their reading progress in a book and allow them to easily return to where the previous reading session ended.mark the page to go back to between reading sessions.

Expressing Creativity

In terms of encouraging artistic expression, you may want to get your child a pack of Washable Markers along with a range of coloring items like posters, to help develop their artistic expression and interest. It can also be useful for other subjects such as geography with a ‘Color Your Own Globe’ or a ‘Color Your Own Map’.

Listening To Audio

We have created imoo Ear-care Headset that is perfect for self-study on computers or audiobooks and can be used to enjoy during break times and lunch. They have skin-friendly materials, making it perfect for children. It also includes a maximum volume level of 85dB, recommended by the World Health Organisation for children’s ears.

We currently have a deal in which if you buy ANY 2 Watch Phones get 1 free absolutely free imoo Ear-care Headset. Be sure to take your chance at this fantastic offer while you can!

Get Ready For School Time!

Get them started faster by providing them with the right equipment so they are ready to start learning and share all their new cool equipment with their friends at school.


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