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imoo Watch Phone can't detect a new version.

1. Turn off and restart the watch, insert the SIM card and connect the watch to the Internet, then charge it and try again.
2. Enter the firmware detection and upgrade interface in the mobile imoo APP, then close and turn on the upgrade authorization switch.
3. Perform Restore for the watch. The Restore operation is as follows:
Long press “On/Off” on the side of the watch and release it after the On/Off page appears. On the On/Off page, press “On/Off” for 3 seconds and "Restore" will appear. Click "Restore" and the watch will automatically repair the system and restart. After restarting, the watch can be used normally.
Note: After repair, the step count, alarm clock, SMS, Minichat chat history and local settings of the watch will be cleared.

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