imoo Watch Phone Z6 - Created for Parents and Children

Here at imoo, we have one question on our mind when developing our watch phone for children. The question we ask is, what connects us? We understand as parents how much we cherish our children and we always look out for what is best for them. As parents, this was great motivation to drive us forward and has sparked great inspiration for us during our research and development of our product.

We see our children get up to many things on a daily basis, and because of this we understand the daily hurdles that parents and children face. We had this in mind when designing the features in our watch phone. Here are some scenarios that have helped parents and children to enrich their lives and protect them:

Working long distance: As a parent, we sometimes may need to work away from home. A parent that we know spends some time living long distance from your child and wanted to make sure that they could speak with their child at any time. We included the video call feature on the watch phone in mind, so it becomes easy and convenient for parents to stay connected with their children during times when they are away.

Taking children shopping: It only takes a few seconds to become separated with our children when we are outside, as a parent this can be a very alarming situation for us. The imoo watch phone has integrated GPS locating into the device so when one of the parents that we know looked away for one second only to discover their child was gone, it was easier than ever for them to find their child. 

Going swimming: We want our child to have an active and healthy lifestyle and swimming is a great way to give this in a fun way. There are situations however that we are not there to remind our child to take off their watch and they may forget to take it off, just like with another parent we know. We had this in mind when we had time to think about what happened to the child's watch and we designed the watch with high levels of water resistance in mind.

Strange calls: As parents we always want to protect our children from strangers. It can be very unnerving to think about all the strangers you may want to contact your child. As we were thinking about how our children’s safety is always our top priority, we had this in mind when we included safety features in the imoo APP. One feature in particular that we included is to block all unknown numbers from contacting the watch phone, giving you peace of mind that your child will never be contacted by any strangers.

Distracted in class: We were all children at one time and we understand how easily we can get distracted when there are devices that can easily catch our attention. As a parent we would like to prevent our children from playing with their devices during class so that they learn more in the classroom. To avoid any unnecessary distractions like this, we included Class Mode in the imoo APP which will disable all the features  except for watch mode at designated study times.

Using socials: Children these days are more connected than ever before, sometimes as parents worry about the fact that we do not know what our children may be accessing on the internet, but more importantly who has access to our children. The imoo Z6 Watch Phone offers a private and special safe zone of connection that only parents and friends of your child will have access to. This is our attempt to combat and create a safe digital environment for your child.

When your child is in trouble: As a parent we often worry about our children. It is an especially worrying idea to think about our children being alone and in trouble, it can be a very terrifying experience. Our aim is to combat this by including an emergency call feature that helps to get your child connected in order to help incase of an emergency.

As parents, we will continue our hard work and dedication to provide something that can help to enrich the life of you and your children. We strive to brighten up the lives of parents and children . We also vow to keep your child safe and it will always be imoo’s top priority to keep our little worlds’ lives happy and safe.