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I don't receive Minichat messages until I click on imoo Watch Phone APP/There is no tone when receiving Minichat messages.

1. Enter Settings – Notification Center on your phone; enable access to the watch phone.
3. Enter Settings – App Management – Watch Phone on your phone; click Lock (little green lock).
3. Enter Security Center – Privacy – Autostarts; enable the watch phone.
4. Enter Security Center/all kinds of mobile phone manager APPs – Settings – Whitelist for Cleaner and Speed Booster – Whitelist for Speed Booster on your phone; add the watch phone APP.

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I can't comment on Friends Circles on imoo Watch Phone.

You can leave 20 comments a day, and you can't comment beyond that limit. This is normal.

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I can't find the chat history on imoo Watch Phone.

The watch can store the latest 500 text (voice) messages for Minichat.

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How do I use Minichat on imoo Watch Phone?

Enter “More”, find and enter the Minichat APP, long press “Hold to Talk" in the Minichat interface to start recording...

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How do I clear Minichat messages in imoo Watch Phone?

In APP settings, click “Clear Cache” to delete messages, or long press a message to delete it.

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