Mother’s Day is on it’s way and it is the perfect time to show some self appreciation to the things you have done for your child and celebrate what you have achieved as a parent. It is a day for you to unwind, relax and enjoy yourself. So we would like to share some different ways the parents at imoo celebrate their special day.

Ways You Can Celebrate This Special Day:

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods: Since this is a day for your indulgence, there is no better way to indulge than enjoying your favorite meal. If you have been craving that Chilli Con Carne with some special chilis you enjoy, maybe it’s a Pasta Dish with a special Olive Oil or maybe you have some hidden Belgium Chocolates in the pantry hid away from the children, now is the time for you to treat your taste buds.

Make A Homemade Photo Album: Today is a special day for you for a reason, the bond with your child is something to be celebrated. One great way to commemorate your special bond on this day is to pick out some photographs of you and your child together to make a special album for both of you to enjoy. What better way to make your band even greater by sharing some wonderful memories together.

Decorate Your Home: Brightening up your home can help to uplift the spirits of your home. Buy some bright flowers and display them on your window sill to add some colour to a room. You can also buy some scented candles and light them up for some extra ambiance and add a pleasant scent to a room so you can unwind and relax.

Make A Movie Night: After your child is asleep after a long day of giving you joy and celebration, you now have some alone time. What better way to spend this time watching your favorite movie.

Of course Mother’s Day is a day for parents to enjoy, if you plan on enjoying your special day away you can use the imoo Watch Phone Z6 to stay in contact with your child. You can share your special moments of the day with your child using video call while you are giving yourself some vital “me time” and enjoy pretty photos that your child has taken and send you in a chat from their wrist. It also includes family chat for everyone to have a joying and happy group conversation together during a day of celebration and joy. It is also a great way to alleviate the worries and stress of letting your child roam free outside and solve potential problems that may come up thanks to it’s locating and moderation features that promote safety and independence.

Whatever you plan to do this Mother’s Day, everyone over at imoo wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day.


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