You may want to use this year as a great excuse to go overboard with your child’s Easter gift by adding an extra dose of fun and happiness into their world. Thankfully, you can prepare their Easter with some fantastic imoo goodies, such as imoo Watch Phone Z6 and imoo Ear-care Headset without having to splurge too much because our new imoo Eggcellent Easter is here now! 

From today until April 6th, you can join the spin with a simple subscription to win some prizes, you can even have a chance to win a FREE imoo Watch Phone Z6. Just click our link below for your chance to win, it’s easy!

Join imoo Eggcellent Easter Now

So let’s take some time to talk about the imoo Watch Phone Z6, the perfect device for your children to never lose connection with family and friends. GSMArena described our imoo Watch Phone Z6 as a package of communication flexibility with free video and audio messages over data connection, distraction-free experience and solid battery life is way better than what cheaper alternatives can offer.” It is the perfect device for you to keep in touch with your children and allows you to find out where they are so you have one less thing to worry about as a parent.

As for the imoo Ear-care Headset, it is a great option to protect growing ears because it is designed to protect the health of your children’s hearing. It has exclusive Sound Beaming technology that allows for a “no sense of earphones'' experience, creating sound out of the ear and allowing for environmental awareness when they use it. A truly first of its kind for children’s headphones.

Would you like the chance to win them for your child? Join the imoo Eggcellent Easter to get a chance for a lucky to win!


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