The time of the year for joy and happiness is here and we are looking for the perfect gift for our children to enjoy. imoo Watch Phone Z6 is here to give your child the gift of joy and happiness this holiday period. We will explain how the device can help give your child a happy, independent and safe childhood in a modern world where it is important to keep kids safe while they have fun in a fast changing time.

Benefits Of A Smartphone Without The Risks

It is very easy and convenient to give your child a smartphone but of course there are many risks that worry parents about their child owning a smartphone. imoo Watch Phone Z6 has helped to end these worries with a number of safety features. So no more worries about your child receiving unwanted phone calls from strangers and concern over the screen addiction. These things can be prevented thanks to the imoo APP that allows parents to simply set up these features from the convenience of their smartphone.

Features That Keep Your Child Safe

There are also many other safety considerations that are covered by imoo Watch Phone Z6. It also includes GPS technology that can be used for a few things, the security zone feature which notifies you on your smartphone when your child has left a specific location and the GPS locator to ensure that you have an up to date accurate location of your child. It also includes a safe digital environment that blocks out any inappropriate or harmful content with a specialised digital space created specifically for children.

Fun And Happiness For Your Child

It is also important for children to have a rich and fulfilling childhood with opportunities to have  independence to explore and have fun with safety features that allow independence and peace of mind over safety. There are many cool features that the child can enjoy like the dual camera that will allow them to capture many memories throughout their childhood, the step counter and water resistance that can help them to have a healthy lifestyle even during swimming.


imoo Watch Phone Z6 is a wonderful gift to give your children this holiday. Whether you are looking to give them the best alternative to a smartphone without the price tag to ensure your child a fun and happy childhood while keeping them safe. This device has you covered.


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